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Missions of Ifri

Ifri, a Leading French Think Tank on International Questions

Ifri ranks 20th and is the only French research institute included in University of Pennsylvania’s last “Global Think Tank Report” which reviewed 6,681 think tanks from 182 countries in order to decide which are the world's top 100 most influential think tanks.


Founded in 1979 on the model of Anglo-Saxon think thanks, Ifri is the principal institution for independent research and debate in France that is dedicated to the analysis of international affairs and global governance.

Ifri’s policy-oriented research strives to illuminate international events and put them in perspective. It is primarily useful for political and economic decision-makers as well as academics, opinion leaders, and civil society representatives.


Analysis, Foresight and Debate

Ifri’s activities favor analysis and foresight concerning European and international affairs, and adopt a multidisciplinary approach that takes local, national and global perspectives into consideration.

Ifri is composed of more than 30 permanent French and foreign researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines that span 12 specialised programs. These programs shape the following departments:

Regional departments: Europe, Russia/NIS, Asia, United States, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey and Middle East…

• Cross-cutting issues: Security and strategic affairs, Energy, Space, Migrations & Citizenship…

Ifri’s research is available in French, English, German and Russian. 

The research and debates that Ifri engages in are reflected in its highly regarded publications: Politique étrangère, the oldest French review of international relations, the RAMSES report, and in its series of digital publications.

The website,, is today the primary platform for sharing Ifri’s debates, studies and other publications. Ifri is also active on social networks, notably Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pearltrees, and regularly shares its podcasts. Ifri’s conferences are now filmed and broadcast through Dailymotion.


Debates: Structure and Enlightenment

Ifri’s research is fueled by debates organized in an informal and non-partisan way, that facilitate the bringing-together of experts and decision-makers, private and public alike. In 2014 Ifri organized more than 110 conferences and debates in Paris and Brussels, 20 international events in France and abroad, as well as numerous workshops and seminars. Ifri has hosted at its events more than 120 high level speakers and a total of approximately 8,000 participants.