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By: Abhishek SHIVAKUMAR (KTH), Aurélie FAURE (Ifri), Bo NORMARK (KIC InnoEnergy), Sunay GUPTA (KTH), Tom KOBER, Christian BAUER, Zhang XIAOJIN (PSI),  Reviewer: Mélodie Mistré, Sylvain Cail (Enerdata)

Storage technologies have the potential to significantly support the EU’s electricity system, bringing a number of flexibility services. There are numerous electric energy storage (EES) technologies, tackling different magnitudes in terms of quantity of energy, ramp-up time, duration of...

By: Marlène LARUELLE

This paper analyses the phenomenon of “Kadyrovism” as a relatively coherent ideology which possesses its own internal logic and propaganda tools and which reflects the reality of Ramzan Kadyrov’s rule, based on submission to Vladimir Putin while also being marked by provocative acts directed...