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IFRI is the only French institute ranked among the world's top ten most influential think tanks

Press Release

February 1 2010, Paris - For the third year in a row, IFRI is ranked in the top ten most important think tanks in the world, outside the United States, according to the international survey "Global Go-To Think Tanks 2009" conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Launched at the conference "World Rankings of Think Tanks" at the United Nations University Office, New York, on 21 January 2010, the survey selected the finalist institutions from more than 6 300 think tanks located in 169 countries.

The study, led by James G. McGann, director of the "Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program" at the University of Pennsylvania, was developed with the contribution of 1 200 experts, observers, policymakers and NGO representatives, 125 journalists and scholars who study think tanks, representatives of 40 intergovernmental organizations and 65 academic institutions. The Think Tank Index is the most in-depth ranking of the world's leading think tanks.

The main selection criteria include think tanks' ability to retain top level analysts and scholars, the richness and rigor of their research, their access to policymakers, their media influence, and their ability to influence policy decisions in such diverse domains as international security, globalization and governance, the international economy, the environment, poverty reduction, and global health. This ranking testifies to Ifri's achievements and its international dimension.

* * *

Ifri is independent of any financial or administrative supervision; it groups 30 or so permanent French and foreign researchers and also many research associates.  Its operating budget (resources) is in the region of 6 million euros of which 70% originates from private sources. It works with 80 business partners and leads 18 research units. Each year, Ifri organizes over 200 conferences and debates in Paris and in Brussels, hosts over 8000 participants and publishes an average of 170 policy papers and studies.

Created and directed by Thierry de Montbrial, Ifri is the only French research institute recognized globally as an integral part of the international network of the most influential think tanks.

Read the full study:
2009 Global Go To Think Tank Rankings (TT Index) last version.pdf

Natacha Crance, Media Relations Officer
Phone:+33 (0)1 40 61 60 22 / crance@ifri.org

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