Research Fellow, Director of Ifri's Security Studies Center

Areas of expertise :

  • French and U.S. defense policies
  • Nuclear policies, proliferation, arms control and disarmament
  • Future conflict
  • Military technologies and capabilities


Dr. Corentin Brustlein is the Director of the Security Studies Center at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri). Before assuming this position in 2015, he had been the head of the institute’s Deterrence and Proliferation program. His areas of expertise include nuclear and conventional deterrence, strategic stability and arms control, U.S. and French defense policies, and force projection and conventional warfare. At Ifri, he is also the editor of the Proliferation Papers, and he has contributed since 2008 to the various activities conducted by the joint civil-military research unit established at Ifri (LRD). 

Dr. Brustlein holds a Ph.D. in political science from the Jean Moulin University of Lyon, and has taught strategic studies, strategic analysis, and international relations theory at Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Moulin University of Lyon, and other academic institutions. He blogs at Ultima Ratio.

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