Jean-Christophe NOËL

Associate Research Fellow at the IFRI's Security Studies Center

Areas of expertise :

  • Air Power
  • Modern Conflicts
  • Technology and Defense

Jean-Christophe Noël is associate research fellow at Ifri's Security Studies Center. He retired from the French Air Force as a Colonel in 2017. After a career as a fighter pilot, he has held several positions in headquarters, where he worked particularly on doctrine or prospective issues.

He has also been the deputy head of cabinet of the French Air force’s Chief of staff from 2006 to 2009, a military fellow at the Center for Strategic and International studies in Washington, DC, in 2009, as well as an expert of politico-military affairs for five years at the Center of analysis, planning and strategy (CAPS) of the Ministry of foreign affairs between 2012 and 2017.



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Although it had never entirely disappeared, the surface-to-air threat was mitigated for three decades by Western air superiority. It now benefits from a modernization and dissemination momentum that will increasingly hinder expeditionary forces’ freedom of action. 

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