Dominique MOISI

Adviser of the President until 2016

Dominique Moïsi has worked at Ifri as researcher and deputy director. Later, he has been Adviser to the President, until 2016.

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By: Dominique MOISI, an article in The News Times, Rwanda

“The United States, China, and maybe the European Union, if Great Britain stays within it” will lead tomorrow’s world; in fact, continued EU membership is the only way for the United Kingdom to secure “a future worthy of her past."  This sentiment could have come straight out of an old...

By: Dominique MOISI, , article paru dans The Jordan Times

Ever since the terrorist attacks in January on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, Parisians knew that barbarism lurked around the corner, and that it would strike again. But it is one thing to know something, to anticipate it, and another to be confronted with the...