Research Fellow at the Center for Migration and Citizenship: 2011-2014


Emma Broughton is a Research Fellow at the Center. In this position, she coordinates the "Migrations & employers" programme with Dorothée Prud'homme, and develops a research programme on migration patterns and policies in the BRIMC countries (BRICs + Mexico).

Her research interests lie in migration politics, with a special interest in private sector actors and their role in the elaboration of policies. Most of her research is structured by a comparative interest (UK, United States, Canada).

Emma Broughton holds a Master of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007).

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Migration policies and rules applying to the recruitment of foreign workers impact HR and recruitment processes of French private companies. Administrative procedures are both complex and time consuming for they might require extra actions from those employees in charge of the recruitment...

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