Former Associate Research Fellow, Security Studies Center

Research Interests: 

  • Ground forces
  • New forms of conflict 
  • Professional military education 


Guillaume Lasconjarias is a former researcher at the NATO Defense College in Rome. His areas of interest include military doctrine in general, NATO in particular, hybrid war, A2/AD, counter-insurgency operations, and professional military education.From 2007 to 2012, he held various positions at the French Ministry of Defense, including at IRSEM (Institute for Strategic Research). In this capacity, he lectured on various topics at the French École de Guerre, where he was in charge of electives.

He started his professional career as a university lecturer at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he also got his PhD. Former student of the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, he has published or edited six books and more than 50 articles in French, English, German and Italian journals. His latest edited book (with Beatrice Heuser and Tormod Heier) is on Military Exercises: Political messaging and strategic impact (Rome, NDC Forum Paper 26, 2018).


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