Associate Research Fellow at the Sub Saharan Africa Program 

Fields of expertise

  • Ghana
  • Burkina Faso
  • West Africa
  • Local government
  • Middle classes
  • Urban issues



Hélène Quénot-Suarez has a PhD thesis in political science on "the building of a local political field in Ouagadougou and Accra". She focused on the solid waste management reforms.She spent about two years in Ghana and Burkina for her research and also lived in western Kenya.

You can have access to her PhD thesis here.


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Les embouteillages se sont développés rapidement dans les villes africaines et deviennent un problème majeur. Ainsi, en limitant la mobilité des biens et des personnes, ils ralentissent la croissance économique. Leur influence est cependant plus profonde. D"une part, en rendant certaines...


Three hundred million people belonging to the middle classes of Africa; three hundred million of potential consumers: an image of this kind is enough to make many an entrepreneur start dreaming. In fact, whereas for many years Afro-pessimism has dominated public opinion in the West, what seems...

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