Military Fellow, Security Studies Center

Domaines d'expertise :

  • Puissance maritime
  • Maritimisation et action de l’État en mer
  • Indopacifique
  • Commandement et emploi des forces


Commander Bachelier is a military fellow at Ifri's Security Studies Center (CES) and Ifri’s Defense Research Unit (LRD). French Navy officer, his professional career was essentially oriented towards external operations, exercising responsibilities in operational units as well as in strategic headquarters, on national territory and abroad. He is a graduate from the French Navy Academy and from the French War College and holds a Master of Geopolitics from la Sorbonne. He has participated in numerous air and sea operations, national or in coalition, but also in humanitarian aid operations, national evacuation operations and numerous operations in the field of State action at sea.

His operational experience covers all the seas of the globe, and more recently the cadets training and recruitment within the French Navy and representative of the Admiral in charge of operations in the Asia-Pacific zone (ALPACI) in Southeast Asia, allows it to contribute to studies relating to the Indo-Pacific region and more broadly to French maritime, security, capacity and strategic issues. 

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As US-China rivalry reaches its peak and the likelihood of a high-intensity conflict in the region seems greater than ever, this report advocates for a pragmatic recalibration of France’s strategic posture in the Indo-Pacific. This adjustment should be grounded in a realistic reframing of...

By: Jérémy BACHELIER, Héloïse FAYET, Alexandre JONNEKIN, François RENAUD

From the joint and combined Orion 2023 exercice to the deployment of Leclerc tanks in Romania, through the qualification fire of new missiles, the French armed forces conduct many manoeuvres and activities that are now described as falling under the "strategic signaling".


Our world is becoming increasingly contested and unpredictable and we are trending towards a return of great power strategic competition, characterized by more frequent challenges to the established rules-based international order. As a consequence, the risk of interstate conflict continues to...

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