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Research Interests:

  • Analysis of the United States defense policy 
  • Ambiguous strategies: grey zones, hybridity, coercive diplomacy in the Arabian Gulf and in Eastern Asia 
  • European strategic autonomy


Morgan Paglia is a Research fellow at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) and a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Paris where his research focuses on the recent evolutions of the United States defense strategy since the first Gulf War. Prior to joining Ifri's Security Studies Center in 2018, he gained professional experience in the defense sector, notably at Thalès' Institutional Affairs department, and graduated from the Political Studies Institutes of Aix-en-Provence and Sciences Po Toulouse.

His special interests are great power competition in East Asia and the strategic debates in Europe and the US.

He blogs at Ultima Ratio.

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By: Elie TENENBAUM, Morgan PAGLIA, Nathalie RUFFIÉ

France is one of the few nations in the world to benefit from a permanent global military presence. With more than 10,000 military personnel from all three services, deployed across the five continents and the three main oceanic basins, it benefits from the second largest network of...


As the world stage is marked by renewed great power competition, Europe lacks proper means to assert and defend its own independent political view. Despite this backdrop, the authors of this report contend that the current stalemate can be overcome with a collective and inclusive approach.


Although it had never entirely disappeared, the surface-to-air threat was mitigated for three decades by Western air superiority. It now benefits from a modernization and dissemination momentum that will increasingly hinder expeditionary forces’ freedom of action. 

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