Raphaël BRIANT

Former Research Fellow, Security Studies Center

Research Interests:

  • Air and Space Power
  • Command and control
  • Cyber warfare and multi-domain operations
  • Military technologies and innovation


Lieutenant Colonel Raphaël Briant is a former military fellow at Ifri's Security Studies Center (CES) and Ifri’s Defense Research Unit (LRD). A French Air Force officer and fighter pilot, he has been deployed overseas on numerous occasions since 2009, operating in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. He is a former squadron commander on Mirage 2000D and was appointed several times as a commander of fighter detachments in Chad and Niger.

He is a graduate from the French Air Force Academy and from the French War College and holds a Master of Science degree in Cyber Defense Operations and Crisis Management. Based on his operational experience in joint and multinational settings, Lt. Col. Briant contributes to Ifri’s research on future warfare, military foresight and French defense policy.

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The increasing autonomy and digitization of battlefields implies a re-examination of Man Machine Teaming (MMT). While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant benefits, the human cognitive system remains unique until this day. Nonetheless, as demonstrated by the “centaur” approach, man...

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