Former Associate Research Fellow, Center for Migration and Citizenship

Research interests: 

  • Participation of migrants and refugees in policies and programs  
  • Refugees' access to the labour market 
  • Reception and integration of refugees and migrants in France 


Sophie Bilong was an associate research fellow at Ifri’s Center for Migration and Citizenship from January 2022 to February 2023 where she was a consultant for the Observatory on Immigration and Asylum since 2019. She graduated in economics at the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. For over ten years, she has worked for organizations supporting the rights of migrants, refugees and people in poverty. She is currently coordinating the Academy for Refugee Participation for the Interministerial Delegation for Reception and Integration of Refugees and delivering consultancies and trainings for refugee and migrant assisting NGOs.  

Her research interests include participation of disavantaged people, particularly migrants and refugees, and integration of refugees.  

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By: Sophie BILONG, Frédéric SALIN

The issues of employment and work for refugees have received increasing attention from both the political, NGO and economic spheres in France since 2017, but few studies have yet to address this subject. This study was born out of cooperation between the Observatory on Immigration and Asylum...


In France, people participating in policies and programs that affect them is not a new concept. It has been widely studied in the field of social work and the fight against poverty, and is at the heart of many experiments. How can this concept of participation, as is outlined for people...

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