Susanne NIES

Head of Ifri Brussels


Susanne NIES holds a PhD in Political Sciences, Slavistics and Romanistics from Bonn University (Germany) as well as a diploma from the London School of Economics (Economics of the European Union). She habilitated in international relations in Sciences Po Paris as well as Free University Berlin. She hold previous employments at the Boell Foundation, Germany (1989-95), a Lectureship in Political Sciences from DAAD in Nice (1995-2000), a research position at Free University Berlin (2000-2002), CERI (2002-2004), as well as IRIS (2004-2007). She teaches at Sciences Po Paris.

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The European Union’s hydrocarbon energy supply depends heavily on imports. While the European Commission has recommended diversifying and increasing domestic resources, notably with renewable resources which should grow to 20% by 2020, dependence on hydrocarbon imports will remain not only...


Electricity interconnections is a prominent issue in the news, sometimes even featured as a panacea for the shortcomings of the European electricity market - a panacea that would ensure energy supply and security and pave the way for a promising use of renewables in the future.


The process of power market liberalisation pushed by the European Commission since two decades is entering a new phase with the debate over the ownership and regulation of energy transport infrastructure. The issue is at the heart of the process of dismantling vertically integrated national...

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