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The Republican Primaries: Which candidate will Obama face?


The Obama Presidency - Year 4: Towards a Second Term?

A seminar series presented by Ifri in partnership with French American Foundation - France

A month after the beginning of presidential primaries, it appears as though moderate Republican, Mitt Romney will win the nomination over his more radical peers. What stances will he take? What is his likelihood of defeating President Obama in the General Election? Could improving unemployment numbers give an Obama an advantage come November?

Joined by:
Donald Morrison , former Editor in Chief of the Time Magazine: European Edition and author of "Comment Obama a perdu l'Amérique", éditions Denoël.

Thomas McGrath, President of Republicains Abroad France.

Connie Borde , President of Democrats Abroad France.

Facilitator : Laurence Nardon, head of the United States Program at Ifri

Ifri, 27 rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris

United States Program at Ifri

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