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Think Tank 7 Summit G7 Engagement Group

The Think Thank 7 (T7) is an engagement group that brings together the leading Think Tanks from the G7 countries in order to analyze and make recommendations on key issues of the G7 presidency.

In 2019, the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) holds the T7 Presidency and organizes its summit on June 5 in Paris. In addition to the Think Tanks of the seven countries, Ifri involve African and European Think Tanks.

Three topics will be mainly discussed: international trade, development, but also multilateralism and defense of democracies. A short paper on each topic will be written by its French leader and then discussed with the Think Tank partners. The outcome of this meeting will be translated into a short recommendation paper for the G7 presidency.


09:30-09:45                Opening Remarks

09:45-11:15                Session 1: International Trade                        

11:15-11:30                 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00                Session 2: Development

13:00-14:30                Lunch Break

14:30-16:00                Session 3: Multilateralism and Defense of Democracies

16:00-16:15                Coffee Break

16:15-17:45                Wrap-up                                                                  

17:45-18:00                Closing Remarks


Ifri - 27 rue de la Procession - 75015 Paris
Contact the organizers: 

For more information on the debate, please contact Lea Metke, Project Officer to the Director of Ifri (metke@ifri.org).

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