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Toward a Global Low Carbon Transition: What Sustainable Opportunities for Africa? Ifri-OCP Policy Center Roundtables

Despite its marginal contribution to the historical growth in greenhouse gas emissions, the African continent could be one of the most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Beyond adaptation needs, the importance climate change mitigation is now given full recognition in economic development agendas, with the ambition to facilitate leap frogging in emerging economies and avoid worsening current global emission trajectories. Besides, climate action is also an opportunity for Africa to grasp the strong and diverse “climate co-benefits” in terms of economic performance, energy security and quality of life.  

Building upon case studies in different sectors and countries, the conference will aim at identifying the low-carbon solutions with the greatest potential in Africa and drawing recommendations on how to scale them up over the short to medium term. 


The debate will be held in English and French


OCP Policy Center - Ryad Business Center - South, 4th Floor - Mahaj Erryad, Rabat - Morocco
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For more information on the debate, please contact Lea Metke, Project Officer to the Director of Ifri (metke@ifri.org).

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