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Unemployment, Double Dip, Debt, and Deficit: a worrying American forcast


The Obama Presidency - Year 3: Gridlock or Opportunity? Cycle de séminaires sur les États-Unis

The American economy has shown a number of worrying signs of weakness since the start of 2011. Unemployment remains at 9%, the budget deficit continues to grow, Congress must raise the debt ceiling before August 2nd or the U.S. will default. Is this common media narrative too gloomy? What will the economic forcast look like after the break? What impact will it have on financial and political plans?

Joined by:

Clotilde L'Angevin, head of the Diagnostic and International Projections Bureau, DG Trésor.
Eric Leboucher, Director of Writing, Les Echos.
Jean-Michel Six, Managing Director and Chief European Economist, Standard and Poor's, France.

Facilitator : Jacques Mistral, Director of Economic Studies at Ifri

In partnership with the French American Foundation - France

Location: Ifri, 27 rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris
Organized by the United States Program at Ifri