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Héloïse FAYET, at the annual conference of EuroMesCo

Maritime Security from the Gibraltar Strait to the Persian Gulf, a shared Euro-Mediterranean interest ?

Speech by Héloïse Fayet at the EuroMesCo annual conference

Héloïse Fayet's intervention on the military presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the military cooperation and on the security interconnections between the Red sea, the black sea and the Mediterranean Sea. 
"There is a strong European presence or at least European nations that have a Navy strong and big enough to be in the region are in the region. Then there is an important french
presence with a career strike group that recently left Toulon and that recently crossed the Suez canal and will go into the Indo-Pacific. It was the occasion to enhance military cooperation  between France and other allies like Italy for example and of course with the US. 
The US presence is still  strong in the region despite a small reduction since the beginning of the war in Gaza. The presence was really high in October and November and it has decreased since then. It is interesting to see that in April, U.S. ships were used to defend the israeli airspace during the Iranian attack on Israel, with at least two ships that were able to destroy Iranian missiles and Iranian drones from mediteranean sea in order to protect Israeli airspace". 
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