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Individual Members

Ifri is open to all those who are interested in international relations and its economic, political and strategic dimensions, as well as those who follow global changes and major emerging trends. Two types of individual memberships exist:

Individual Members




Anyone interested in international relations and wishing to follow the news regularly through conferences and publications is invited and encouraged to become an individual member of the Ifri and take advantage of its numerous benefits. 




Individual members take part in discussions on international issues and are encouraged to interact with researchers and external stakeholders through the many events asc they have access to.

They are invited, via the monthly newsletter Ifri Actualités, to all public debates with researchers, experts and VIPs in Paris and Brussels.

They have access to a specific program, with 3 meetings throughout the year dedicated to them.



Throughout the year, individual members receive a series of  targeted reference books and policy papers that informs their thinking:

RAMSES annual report on the global economy

• Quarterly Review, Politique étrangère 

• The Annual Report of the Institute

• Monthly newsletter: Ifri Actualités

• Policy papers from research programs upon request 

Membership Fees 2014:

The annual membership fees adopted by the General Meeting of May 21, 2014, are as follows:


Membership Fee
with book(s)

Membership Fee
without books

Resident of the European Union

220 €

135 €

Resident outside the European Union

250 €

(Politique étrangère)

160 €

Couple (France and European Union)

355 €


Student* and unemployed


50 €

* The fee for student members coincides with the calendar year, not the academic year.


Individual Benefactors