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Le 26 juillet 2023 au Niger, des militaires putschistes ont renversé le président Mohamed Bazoum, démocratiquement élu en 2021. Il s’agit du troisième coup d'État organisé dans le pays au cours de cette décennie, après l'échec de deux tentatives en mars 2021 et 2022.

Ce putsch, qui pose la question du maintien des coopérations occidentales avec Niamey, fait aussi craindre une phase d'instabilité dans le pays avec un risque de décrochage sécuritaire.

Pour en saisir les enjeux, l’Ifri vous propose une sélection d’analyses sur le sujet. 

21 Résultats

With sluggish economies that create few jobs, soaring demographics, international aid often considered as revenue, and a security apparatus unable to protect national territory and its population, are the Sahel states losing control of their own domestic areas?


Only devised a few years ago, the concept of the Indo-Pacific seeks to express a new configuration of the world’s globalization. In terms of economic exchange and power distribution, the Indo-Pacific is a unitary region spanning from the Persian Gulf to the Pacific, where all the major powers...


The Sahel, often discussed on account of its problems and crises – in particular recently, in view of the crisis in Mali – is in actual fact experiencing a new positive economic era, like the rest of the African continent. For the five countries of the Sahel region we shall be examining –...

By: Tobias KOEPF

Except for its extreme poverty and the disastrous effects of a series of droughts, the Sahel region has been largely out of the spotlight of international attention in the past. Yet the rise of terrorism and especially the creation of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in 2007 brought the...


Besides the ongoing political conundrum in Mali, it is the entire West African region, from Guinea Bissau to Mali, which is under threat of destabilization. Indeed, for many years now, terrorists and drugs traffickers have been synergizing their respective illegal activities, transforming the...

By: Jean-Luc PEDUZZI

On November 5th 2009, a cocaine-loaded Boeing 727 aircraft arriving from Venezuela was discovered torched and emptied on a makeshift airstrip in the Malian desert (Gao region). The Sahel-Saharan area is clearly a contact zone between very distant worlds.