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Rivals in Arms: The Rise of UK-France Defence Relations in the Twenty-First Century Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, October 2020

The untold story of the thriving yet complicated defense relationship of two countries caught between strategic decline and global ambitions. As the UK leaves the European Union and as the multilateral international order is increasingly under stress, bilateral security links are more important than ever. Among such relationships, the UK-France partnership has become particularly critical in the past decades.


Rivals in Arms reveals the history of the growing special partnership between Europe's two leading military powers in the twenty-first century. This book exposes the challenges the two countries have faced to develop, equip, and employ their military capabilities together. Through a decade-long study, it highlights how France and the UK have endeavored to make their cooperation more effective and resistant to domestic and international shifts, including Brexit.

Building on more than one hundred interviews with key stakeholders and unmatched access to primary sources, Rivals in Arms takes the reader behind the scenes, investigating the complicated but crucial defense relationship between France and the UK - a relationship that is critical to the future of Euro-Atlantic security.

Alice Pannier, Rivals in Arms: The Rise of UK-France Defence Relations in the Twenty-First Century, Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2020

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