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With over 150 publications issued each year
under an open access policy in French, English, German and Russian,
Ifri enriches the international debate with a constant concern for
objectivity, intellectual rigor, transversality, openness, and support to public and private decision-making.

List of Issues from Ramses :
15 Résultats

RAMSES 2020. A World without a Compass?, written by Ifri's research team and external experts, offers an in-depth and up-to-date analysis of geopolitics in today’s world.

By: Thierry de MONTBRIAL, Philippe MOREAU DEFARGES,  (eds.)

RAMSES (Le Rapport annuel mondial sur le système économique et les stratégies), is a yearly publication that provides in-depth reviews and prospective analysis on current events, providing readers with indispensable insights and perspectives for understanding contemporary geopolitics on...