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List of Notes franco-turques :
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With the Syrian crisis entering its fifth year, the changing security context in Syria and Iraq since the summer of 2014 has highlighted the increasingly important role played by the Kurds as a fighting force against Islamic State (IS). In a more general context of renewed Russian influence in...


Developing economic relations with GCC countries has become a consistent objective of the Turkish government since the coming in power of AKP. They have been successful in rallying part of the Turkish business community to this objective, thus building an internal social consensus towards...

By: Dorothée SCHMID, Baskin ORAN

For a long time, the Turkish Republic created by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was regarded by France's elites and political class as a sister republic: secular and Jacobin, the concrete embodiment of the universalism of the shared values of the French Revolution. However, the political change that...

By: Michel MARIAN, Christian MAKARIAN

For several decades, French persons of Armenian origin have played a special role in Franco-Turkish relations. History explains this. Armenians originally came to France fleeing the massacres at the end of the Ottoman Empire, and for nearly a century they have integrated perfectly into the...

By: Alain CHENAL

Turkey has become a recurrent issue in France's domestic political debate, following the referendum campaign on the European Consti­tutional Treaty in spring 2005. While the question of Turkish EU membership is itself a point of discussion, evoking Turkey also tou­ches on other sensitive...