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The treaty signed by France and Germany in Aachen on January 22, 2019 highlights the role of civil society in bilateral cooperation and aims to contribute to "bringing societies [and citizens in both countries] closer together".

By: Detlef PUHL

In the Aachen Treaty in 2019, Germany and France agree to deepen their "common program in defense matters" and to pursue a common vision in terms of arms export. These are the preconditions that will help consolidate a culture of common armed forces, common interventions, and European defense...


The development of Franco-German cooperation can be described as an intergovernmental process. Depending on the perspective, the capacity for innovation of the relationship lies either with central decision-makers at the state level or with decentralized actors at the local level.

By: Eileen KELLER

This study analyses the joint efforts by France and Germany to bring about a comprehensive reform of the European currency union. These efforts culminated in the joint Meseberg Declaration adopted in June 2018. The article contextualises these efforts with respect to the reforms realised so...


Attitudes vis-à-vis Russia expressed in the public sphere are heterogeneous, in France more so than in Germany. In both France and Germany, the general public is by and large skeptical of Vladimir Putin and his policies. The picture is more diverse in the political realm. In Germany, there ...

By: Alexander VON KAP-HERR, Jennifer MORREAU

European Aid Ministers qualified 2008 as 'crucial for the development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDO)'. So, the French presidency of the EU council devotes a part of its activities to Aid cooperation, mostly based on initiatives launched by Germany in 2007. In...

By: Brigitte LESTRADE

' Fall of manpower, structural changes of the working population insufficiently taken into account, threats on the social rights (…), crumbling of the representativeness (…) ', such are some of the many challenges which the French and German trade unions must face, whereas the rate of...

By: Sabine von OPPELN, Carina SPRUNGK

The authors argue that the public opinion and the discourse of political elites differ significantly within the Franco-German debate on the Constitutional Treaty. Moreover, the article shows that the discussion reflects different conceptions of European politics. These differences lead to the...


For more than two years, the Franco-German relation has been blessed by profoundness, stability and an exceptional trust. This has been underlined by Gerhard Schröder's presence at the time of the commemorative ceremonies of June 6, 2004 which aroused an approval on both sides of the Rhine...