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90 Résultats
By: Karl-Heinz KAMP, Nicole GNESOTTO, (ed.)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the most successful political-military alliance in modern history. Despite doom prophecies of a superfluous NATO having lost its raison d'être, the Alliance is more active than ever before. The reason for NATO's success as the central element of...

By: Stanley R. SLOAN, Nicole GNESOTTO, (ed.)

Stanley R. Sloan is the Senior Specialist in International Security Policy in the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. During 1997-1998, he has served as Advisor to the Senate NATO Observer Group and also as Rapporteur for the North Atlantic Assembly's project on...

By: Philip GORDON

Americans have always been ambivalent towards European Security and Defense Identity (ESDI), and they remain so even after the Alliance's most recent reforms. In theory, officials and analysts in the United States have tended to express wholehearted support for the creation and strengthening...