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89 Résultats

Les classes moyennes ont joué un rôle central dans la construction de la démocratie, de la prospérité et de la culture américaines. La crise multiforme qui a sévit à partir de l'été 2007, en les heurtant de plein fouet, remet en cause le contrat social américain.


After hurricane Katrina in 2005, images of the miserable and abandoned black community of New Orleans surfaced. This portrait of a black underclass mired in poverty is not throroughly representative of African Americans in the U.S., however. A dynamic middle class is also present, and is more...


In the wake of a dark period in American history, Europe must re-evaluate its own conception of the U.S., keeping in mind the resilience of the American psyche. Two critical questions remain: will the U.S. repair its foreign image, especially towards the Muslim world? And will the press and...