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39 Résultats

With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States lost a beacon of conservative thought and one of the most influential American jurists of the last thirty years. The question of his replacement immediately became an issue as the United...

By: Adrien SCHU, Eric ROUBY

Three Republican presidential candidates have proposed a foreign policy agenda worthy of examination. Marco Rubio (who withdrew from the race on 15 March 2016) and Ted Cruz present well-defined political projects pertaining to different traditions of American foreign policy theory. Donald...

By: Marie-Cécile NAVES

Republican candidates in the 2016 primaries have trouble standing out on economic issues. Indeed, they all embrace the same conservative tenets, namely the reduction (at all costs) of federal power in the name of liberty ; and tax cuts for the wealthy in the name of "trickle-down...

By: Olivier SICHEL

The United States has established itself as the indisputable global leader in the digital market followed by more interventionist actors such as Russia and China. Europe has fallen behind as it struggles to find its place in this crucial sector. The new European Commission must respond and...