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What are the political challenges for a Space development ?

Ifri's Space Program seeks to establish the importance of space as a political subject among policymakers and the general public, to highlight the central role it plays in our societies and economies. It also aims to situate national, regional and international space policies in the broader context of the dynamics currently affecting international relations. Finally, the project seeks to define and illustrate the strategic opportunities of space, to establish and understand its importance in international politics. The Space Program focuses its analyses on Europe, since its ability to cope with the challenges of the 21st century will depend in part on the development of a coherent and ambitious space strategy.


Space activities can be justified by a broad array of reasons, ranging from trans-utilitarian components (such as curiosity, discovery, knowledge, fascination, inspiration) to more utilitarian aspects (markets, jobs, communications, mobility, pace-setting technologies, among others). Clearly,...

By: Christophe VENET, Kai-Uwe SCHROGL

The article provides an overview of the impact the policy framework for space activities has on commercial activities in Europe. It shows that the development of a space policy framework on the European level has, from the beginning, aimed at furthering commercial space activities and...


The purpose of this article is to analyse the impact of the financial and economic crisis on the space sector from a political point of view. Its focus is on the institutional space sector rather than on commercial space activities. In addition, Europe is placed at the centre of the analysis...


Today, Europe is taking initiatives both to prevent space weaponization and to develop space militarization. While national States remain the central players in this regard, the intergovernmental European Space Agency is increasingly involved in security-related activities and the European...

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