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Diversity in Institutions


Since its ground-breaking research on the enlisting of French citizens with an immigrant background into the French armed forces in 2003-5, the center’s research team has studied the processes of social change driven by ethnocultural diversity within state institutions. The Center has hereby shown the importance of examining transformations linked to cultural and religious diversity within state institutions to gain an in-depth understanding of citizenship and belonging as well as the dynamics of racism and discrimination. Whereas it primarily addressed institutions in France (armed forces, gendarmerie, and hospitals), the program now addresses the issue of diversity in institutions from an international perspective and with a particular focus on private companies.

This research program has been carried out in collaboration with several international academic partners, including the University of Amsterdam, the Washington University in St-Louis and the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity (Göttingen). The latest publication of the program is an edited book published in the Cambridge Studies in Law and Society Series (Cambridge University Press) in 2013.

Christophe BERTOSSI

Senior research fellow (PhD Habil.) and Director of the Center for Migration and Citizenship


Since the 1970’s, French immigration policies have targeted migrant workers. The first action taken to control migration flows concerned this category of migrants: in 1974, amidst an acute economic crisis, all labour migration programmes were stopped in France. Thus were immigration and...

By: Christophe BERTOSSI, John R. BOWEN, Jan Willem DUYVENDAK, Mona Lena KROOK, (eds.)

This book responds to the often loud debates about the place of Muslims in Western Europe by proposing an analysis based in institutions, including schools, courts, hospitals, the military, electoral politics, the labor market, and civic education courses. The...

By: Christophe BERTOSSI, Dorothée PRUD'HOMME

"Diversity" is a structuring dimension of healthcare institutions in France today. Public and private hospitals employ a very socially and culturally diversified staff, to which they offer upward social mobility opportunities. This diversity constitutes an asset, which allows healthcare...


For a long time, French military with migration background have been counting on the army to erase the social and cultural prejudice they have been suffering. But are they really military as others or are they constituing a specific population? Does the French army offers the opportunity for...


The identities issue still does not find a legitimite place in the debates on the future of the french republican model. At the time of questionning the integration models in most of european immigration countries, the french model should now answer the question: How french citizenship should...

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