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Health / Environment


Health issues have attracted the attention of IFRI: dynamics of epidemics, resilience of health systems, role of states, international organizations and NGOs.

Environmental issues are intimately linked to health issues, as well as the evolution of energy consumption policies and regulation. Climate issues are increasingly present in the international debate, as testify the Paris Conference in 2015.


Europe is seeking ways to decrease the growing negative impact of passenger cars on climate, currently responsible for up to 12% of total EU CO2 emissions. After biofuels in the nineties and hydrogen in 2000, the new answer to climate change appears to be electric. But contrary...

By: Raphaël BILLE, Emma BROUGHTON, Lucien CHABASON, Claudio CHIAROLLA, Mireille JARDIN, Gilles KLEITZ, Jean-Patrick LE DUC, Laurent MERMET

This report aims to provide a first mapping of the global governance of biodiversity, through an investigation of the interactions between the various actors, institutions, norms, tools and processes that structure it. It chooses to do so by bringing together different visions or perceptions...

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