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Health / Environment


Health issues have attracted the attention of IFRI: dynamics of epidemics, resilience of health systems, role of states, international organizations and NGOs.

Environmental issues are intimately linked to health issues, as well as the evolution of energy consumption policies and regulation. Climate issues are increasingly present in the international debate, as testify the Paris Conference in 2015.


While it now seems to be accepted that security is a precondition for development, HIV/AIDS has yet to be fully recognized not only as a solidarity and development issue, but also as a human and strategic security issue. Within this scope, five aspects are analyzed:

By: Gérard BRACHET

After the Earth Observation Summit in Washington (July 2003), Gérard Brachet in this report describes the growing responsibilities of the European Union and invites France to continue to play a major role in Space observation for the environment.

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