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Socio-economic Transformation of Africa

Kampala, Ouganda

This research axis focuses on African middle-classes, on African cities as a growth factor, on the urbanization of the continent as an element of transformation of African societies as well as on competition for access to land.


Director of Ifri's African Studies Center


Project Officer, African Studies Center

Benjamin AUGE

Associate Research Fellow, Africa Studies Center / Center for Energy and Climate


Associate Resarch Fellow, African Studies Center


Three hundred million people belonging to the middle classes of Africa; three hundred million of potential consumers: an image of this kind is enough to make many an entrepreneur start dreaming. In fact, whereas for many years Afro-pessimism has dominated public opinion in the West, what seems...


A paper brought out last year treating the “Hunger Riots had made it possible, among other things, to point out the extreme difficulties encountered by the authorities in power when trying to control urban populations. Current demographic forecasts relating to sub-Saharan Africa all predict an...

By: Thierry VIRCOULON, Florence LIEGEOIS

Following the conflict in Ituri (1999-2003), the International Community deployed different peacebuilding programs in this north-eastern district of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Built around a concept of democratic transition at the national level, these programs have not always...


Evolutionist theories tend to sacrifice agriculture to the benefit of industrial development and services. Food production must be developed instead, especially since it is central to the future of Africa. To achieve this aim, African agriculture must be protected from more efficient...

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