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Daniel Vernet Group


The Daniel Vernet Group is an initiative of the Genshagen Foundation and the Study Committee on Franco-German Relations (Cerfa) at the Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri). It consists of twenty German and French members and meets twice a year.

The members of the group are experts who come in particular - but not only - from the fields of science, economics and the media and whose analysis and judgment are fed by the expertise of their sometimes very different fields of work as well as their German-French Vita. In order to ensure a neutral and distanced problem analysis of the group, its composition deliberately avoided the involvement of representatives from politics, diplomacy and administration. The group, however, invites political representatives to hearings during each working session.


Please find more information about the Franco-German study group "Daniel Vernet" on our French and on our German website. 



Former Research Fellow, Study Committee on Franco-German Relations (Cerfa) 


Counselor on Franco-German relations at Ifri

By: Daniel Vernet Group,    

The eighth position paper of the Daniel Vernet Group addresses immigration, integration and cohesion in Europe where migration is often perceived as a threat to cohesion within societies and also among states. In the paper, the Daniel Vernet Group argues that migration and cohesion are not...

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