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North America

Laurence NARDON

Researcher, Head of Ifri's North America Program

Anne-Lorraine BUJON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of the review "Esprit"

Alexander T. J. LENNON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of The Washington Quarterly

By: Marie-Cécile NAVES

Republican candidates in the 2016 primaries have trouble standing out on economic issues. Indeed, they all embrace the same conservative tenets, namely the reduction (at all costs) of federal power in the name of liberty ; and tax cuts for the wealthy in the name of "trickle-down...

By: Simond de GALBERT

Both the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino shooting reopened the wound of terrorism in the United States.  Although President Obama has not shifted his stance or his strategy on the issue, public opinion is worried and populist rhetoric is ever more present in the campaign for the 2016...