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North America

Laurence NARDON

Researcher, Head of Ifri's North America Program

Anne-Lorraine BUJON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of the review "Esprit"

Alexander T. J. LENNON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of The Washington Quarterly


Ifri's December conferences have become a staple event for Europeans eager to understand the evolutions underway in the United States. For our tenth edition, we discussed the main specificities of the U.S. judiciary system and their impact on non-U.S. citizens and entities, the up-coming...


Space activities can be justified by a broad array of reasons, ranging from trans-utilitarian components (such as curiosity, discovery, knowledge, fascination, inspiration) to more utilitarian aspects (markets, jobs, communications, mobility, pace-setting technologies, among others). Clearly,...

By: Yves-Marie PEREON

Opposing environment protection policies has become a posture de rigueur for U.S. radical conservatives, especially in view of the 2012 campaign. This theme finds itself at the crossroads of several currents of American conservatism: a distrust of scientific elites, trust in the...

By: Page Somerville ROBINSON

The emergence of a feminist thought in the 18th century gave rise to steady and regular exchanges between French philosophers and American activists. They illustrate in a very particular sector the wealth of the relation between both countries. This dialogue continues on renewed bases today:...

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