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North America

Laurence NARDON

Researcher, Head of Ifri's North America Program

Anne-Lorraine BUJON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of the review "Esprit"

Alexander T. J. LENNON

Associate Fellow, North America Program, Editor-in-chief of The Washington Quarterly


After hurricane Katrina in 2005, images of the miserable and abandoned black community of New Orleans surfaced. This portrait of a black underclass mired in poverty is not throroughly representative of African Americans in the U.S., however. A dynamic middle class is also present, and is more...


On the occasion of Barack Obama's Nobel Peace prize-giving ceremony a live TV broadcast from Oslo, was organized by Ifri and the Embassy of the United States. The annual conference on the United States, organized by the United States program continued on December 11 notably with Dominique...

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