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In 2017, Secretary General Xi Jinping said: "This is an era that will see China move closer to the center of the world stage". The People's Republic of China is indeed at a pivotal moment in its history, gradually acquiring all the components of power and competing with, if not surpassing, the major world powers. This new status is challenging the global balance of power, raising questions and awakening fears. The European Union and its member states are seeking to adapt their position vis-à-vis China, to face its new diplomatic assertiveness, the rise of its military and technological capacities, and to deal with the Sino-American rivalry. However, since Beijing's international policy cannot be dissociated from its domestic context, it is also necessary to analyze the internal political dynamics that dictate foreign policy choices.

Through its research activities, Ifri's Center for Asian Studies aims to provide a better understanding of contemporary China and its position on the world stage.

Françoise NICOLAS

Senior Research Fellow and Director of Ifri's Center for Asian Studies


Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies

Research Fellow, Head of China Research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri
Claude MEYER

Senior Advisor, Center for Asian Studies


What will become of US foreign policy under Donald Trump? A selection of Ifri researchers has come together to offer their thoughts on this question. Our experts cover an array of topics through 14 contributions, ranging from the future Sino-American relations, through US engagement in the...


On Tuesday July 12th, after three years of deliberations, the Permanent Court of Arbitration finally delivered its verdict on the conflict opposing the Philippines and China over status of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The judgment is historic, as it goes far beyond the...

By: Bobo LO

The discussion about the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) opposes two narratives. The first considers they play an increasing role in the international relations as the West is loosing power; the other sees the BRICS as a charade. But the key role played by the...


Complementary solutions to national grid extensions let hope for significant improvements in the field of energy access, consistent with current economic and environmental challenges. This Note explores the regulatory and economic prerequisites that must be enhanced in order to support the...


In the South China Sea, the field of marine science could be seen as a catalyst for functional cooperation in the region. In reality, it often reflects regional asymmetries and has become yet another domain in which the weight of China is ultimately a destabilizing factor, according to Sophie...

By: Mikko HUOTARI, Miguel OTERO-IGLESIAS, John SEAMAN, Alice EKMAN, (eds)

As China’s rise continues to shape and shake the course of international affairs, and Europe enters a new chapter in its collective history, Europe-China relations are becoming more relevant, but also much more complex.

Wednesday 23 September 2009
from 09:30 to 17:00 - Conférences

This international conference was co-organized with the Centre for European Studies at Fudan University (CES), the Chinese Society for EU Studies (CSEUS), and the Shanghai Institute for European Studies (SIES). It brought together a number of European and Chinese experts in order to analyse...

Monday 29 June 2009
from 09:30 to 11:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Andrew Scobell, Professor at the Bush School of Government and Public Service (Texas University), and editor of numerous books on Chinese defense strategy and military forces will make a presentation. The seminar will be chaired by Valérie Niquet, Director,...

Tuesday 02 June 2009
at 00:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

This round table brings together three experts on Asia: Takashi Terada, Professor at the University of Waseda in Japan, Valérie Niquet, Director of the Centre Asie, Ifri, and Françoise Nicolas, Economist, Ifri.

Wednesday 29 April 2009
at 00:00 - Conférences

This seminar welcomes Ding Chun, Professor at the Centre for European Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai. This meeting is chaired by Valérie Niquet, Director of the Centre Asie, Ifri.

Wednesday 15 April 2009
at 00:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

This seminar welcomes Guangjin CHEN, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and expert on rural sociology. The meeting is chaired by Valérie Niquet, Director of the Centre Asie, Ifri.