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As the international system undergoes a major overhaul, Japan is emerging as one pillar of the multilateral rules-based order. Despite being often perceived as a declining country, it remains the world's third largest economy and, as a member of the RCEP, CP-TPP and the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, plays a key role in trade liberalization and norms shaping. In recent years, Tokyo has also demonstrated a proactive diplomacy, especially in the Indo-Pacific area where it is one of the core stakeholders. In this regard, Japan has become a major partner for Europe and for France. 

Through its research activities, Ifri's Center for Asian Studies aims to provide a better understanding of Japan's action in the world and to foster the dialogue and cooperation between France and Japan.

Françoise NICOLAS

Senior Research Fellow and Director of Ifri's Center for Asian Studies


Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies

Claude MEYER

Senior Advisor, Center for Asian Studies


Coping with “gray zone” situations has in recent years become the core security challenge for Japan. Since September 2012, Beijing has been challenging Japan’s sovereign control of the Senkaku Islands by regularly sending law-enforcement vessels into Japanese territorial waters and...


On Tuesday July 12th, after three years of deliberations, the Permanent Court of Arbitration finally delivered its verdict on the conflict opposing the Philippines and China over status of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The judgment is historic, as it goes far beyond the...


Tokyo is known as a pioneer throughout the history of Japan’s environmental policy, often being compared to California in the United States or Paris in France. Following the global trend of growing local initiatives tackling climate change, Tokyo introduced a cap-and-trade scheme in 2010 ahead...

Monday 07 March 2011
from 08:30 to 10:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

This seminar is organized around Richard Collasse, CEO of Chanel K.K. in Japan. It will be chaired by Françoise Nicolas, Director, Center for Asian Studies Ifri.

Wednesday 08 September 2010
from 18:00 to 19:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

This seminar is organized around Takashi Terada, professor, Waseda university, Tokyo. He has published numerous articles on Asian regionalism.
Chair: Céline Pajon, Research fellow, Center for Asian Studies Ifri.

Wednesday 26 May 2010
from 09:30 to 11:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

This seminar is organized around Gavan McCormack, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University. He is an expert of modern East Asian, especially Japanese politics and intellectual, political, and environmental history. He has published numerous articles and books on the...

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