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Asia is now a nerve center for global economic activity and a theatre of some of the most critical political and security developments of our time. The Center for Asian Studies provides documented expertise and a platform of discussion on Asian issues that seeks to accompany decision makers and explain and contextualize developments in the region for the sake of a larger public dialogue.

The Center’s research is organized along three major axes: regionalism and intra-regional relationships in Asia; relations between Asia’s major powers (China, Japan, India) and the rest of the world; and internal political, economic and social dynamics of Asian countries. This research focuses primarily on China, India and Japan, but also increasingly covers the Korean peninsula and Southeast Asia.

The Center organizes closed-door roundtables, expert-level seminars and a number of public events, including an Annual Conference, that welcome experts from Asia, Europe and the United States. The Center’s researchers regularly participate in international conferences, particularly in Asia. Their work, as well as that of their partners, is regularly published in the Center’s electronic journal, Asie.Visions.

Françoise NICOLAS

Senior Research Fellow and Director of Ifri's Center for Asian Studies

Research Fellow, Head of China Research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri
Céline PAJON

Research Fellow, Head of Japan Research


Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies


Associate Research Fellow, , Center for Asian Studies


Associate Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies

Claude MEYER

Senior Advisor, Center for Asian Studies


By reinforcing hostility between Russia and the West, the Ukraine crisis has shone a spotlight on the limits and contradictions of any Russo-Japanese rapprochement. Russia has grown more dependent on China, just as Japan has become more reliant on the United States.


If some African countries are on their way to achieving dynamic economic growth, many are also still struggling with a lack of economic and social infrastructure, latent governance issues and often complex and risky security environments. In this context, both Japan and European countries,...


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) brings a dimensional shift in the two countries' relations at a time of significant geopolitical change. But while it promises wide-ranging benefits for infrastructure development and economic growth in Pakistan, a number of important challenges...

Thursday 17 October 2013
from 09:00 to 10:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Seminar with HEM David Mulroney, former Ambassador of Canada to China (2009-2012) and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, and Alice Ekman, Associate Research Fellow at the Ifri Center for Asian Studies.

Monday 23 September 2013
from 09:00 to 10:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

The rapid rise of China is changing the balance of power drastically in East Asia. What kind of new regional order will be born? What Role should Japan take in the new environment? Prof. Shinichi Kitaoka, President of International University of Japan, the chairman of Prime Minister Abe"s...

Wednesday 26 June 2013
from 09:00 to 10:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Most of the recent literature on China"s rise forecasts that the country will sooner or later overtake the U.S. as the world"s superpower. Timothy Beardson explains why this will not happen in his book: Stumbling Giant: the Threats to China"s Future

Thursday 30 May 2013
from 17:30 to 19:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Prof. Cheng Siwei is the Dean of School of Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a famous Chinese scholar in economic, financial and managerial fields as well as in chemical industry. He devotes himself in the reform and opening up of China for 30 years...

Tuesday 14 May 2013
from 09:00 to 10:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Chinese President and Commander-in-Chief Xi Jinping has taken less than six months to consolidate his status as China's New Helmsman. He has also taken a tough line toward the projection of Chinese power on the world stage. Dr. Willy Lam will talk about Xi's priorities in realizing what ...

Wednesday 10 April 2013
from 08:45 to 12:30 - Ifri Conferences

The EU is now China"s most important trading partner while China is the EU"s second most important partner after the US. With such an intensive trade relationship, it should come as no surprise that trade tensions have intensified between the two partners, particularly on issues such as...

Friday 05 April 2013
from 09:30 to 11:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Alors que les liens ont tendance à se resserrer entre l"Inde et les pays de l"ASEAN, non seulement dans le domaine économique mais aussi en matière de défense, les conditions d"un dialogue politique ne semblent pas encore réunies. La mise en place d‘un véritable partenariat entre les deux...