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Middle East / North Africa


The Middle East and North Africa Programme at IFRI aims to provide expertise on the trends and developments in politics, societies and economies across the region.

The programme has the following objectives:

  • Proposing a new approach towards the MENA region through an analysis of local, regional, and international dynamics with the potential to guide and influence new policies ;
  • Highlighting the role of foreign powers which have traditionally been present in the region and analyzing the new role taken on by emerging countries ;
  • Anticipating new directions and outlooks in each country; 
  • Interpreting risks and potentials and puting forward new templates for analysis.

The programme has built a dense network of researchers and experts who provide expertise on the MENA region and working together on a range of crosscutting themes.

Dorothée SCHMID

Senior Research Fellow, Head of Ifri’s Türkiye and...


Research Fellow, Türkiye and Middle East Program


Associate Research Fellow, Türkiye and Middle East...


Senior Advisor for North Africa and the Middle East

Research Interests:

  • North Africa
  • The Middle East

Associate Research Fellow, Türkiye and Middle East Program

Jean-Loup SAMAAN

Associate research fellow,  Turkey and Middle East Program


With the Syrian crisis entering its fifth year, the changing security context in Syria and Iraq since the summer of 2014 has highlighted the increasingly important role played by the Kurds as a fighting force against Islamic State (IS). In a more general context of renewed Russian influence in...

By: Anaïs ÖZYAVUZ, Dorothée SCHMID

A general economic model of understanding Middle Eastern states was elaborated by political scientists around the 1980’s, based on the concept of rent as a factor of wealth around which the economic model as much as the governance of energy-rich countries was re-organized. The particular case...

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