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Economy and Society


This research area deals with economic issues and the evolution of the Russian society (formation of elites, human potential, youth, middle class, protests..)


Of Russia’s 146 million citizens (if we include those in Crimea), 63 million—or 43 percent—are under 34 years of age. Of these, 30 million belong to Generation Y (millennials in their 20s and early 30s), 15 million belong to Gen Z (teenagers), and a further 18 million are part of the youngest...

By: Lyoubov BISSON

A new stage in the development of Russia's migration policy is upon us. Since 2010, legal amendments and the Concept of Migration Policy of the Russian Federation to 2025, adopted in June 2012, marked a clear change in how migration flows are regulated, the aim being now to maximise the...


Business in Russia today is closely intertwined with the political sphere. But the forms of business’s involvement in politics have differed radically at different stages in history. Initially, business played an active role, displacing the government from its position due to its vigorous...

By: Julien NOCETTI, in collaboration with Internet Policy Review

Julien Nocetti outlines the new geopolitical challenges posed by the current stand-off between Russia and the West over Ukraine, which have added to the general defensive leitmotiv in the Russian domestic internet governance with a tighter grip on online communications and transactions...


Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, Russia has been waging an information war that reflects its perception of its relationship towards the West as being that of a state of permanent conflict which needs the use of alternative tools to weaken both the enemy’s will and the capabilities...


When Dmitry Medvedev announced in late 2014 that the presence of ministers and other officials should be sharply increased on the boards of public companies, observers were surprised, considering that four years before the former President started a campaign to remove them from the very same...

Wednesday 15 December 2010
from 08:00 to 17:00 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Depuis quelques années, l'enseignement supérieur russe est en pleine restructuration. Le gouvernement russe a lancé la création des "universités nationales de recherche", leaders dans leurs domaines respectifs, et des "universités fédérales", à vocation régionale. L'Ifri accueille quatre de...

Wednesday 18 November 2009 to Friday 20 November 2009
from Wednesday 18 November 2009 23:00 to Friday 20 November 2009 23:00 - External Events

Tatiana Kastueva-Jean in the framework of the 996 Wilton Park Conference, 'Dialogue with Russia: Moving from a Resource Based to a Knowledge Based Economy', November 20th, 2009.

By: Julien NOCETTI,   dans Center for Global Communication Studies, Annenberg School for Communication

April 2014 was a particularly bitter month for Russian internet users and the local internet industry. President Vladimir Putin unsurprisingly made headlines when, at the Media Forum in St. Petersburg, he publicly labeled the internet as a “CIA project” and launched an...