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Economy and Society


This research area deals with economic issues and the evolution of the Russian society (formation of elites, human potential, youth, middle class, protests..)

By: Carole SIGMAN

The higher education reform underway in Russia is part of a much broader state reform project. Launched in 2004 at the start of Vladimir Putin's second term, this "administrative reform" grants the federal state the means to reclaim the public sphere, which largely escaped from its control...


Russia's higher education (HE) reform, begun 15 years ago, was intended to provide a response to the challenges of the new post-industrial, high-tech economic development model. During the course of the reform, many of the negative features inherited from the Soviet period (ideologization,...


In terms of higher education, Russia displays indicators worthy of enthusiasm: a high level of people benefiting from higher education, an increase in the number of students and the multiplication in the number of higher education establishments. Higher education is increasingly in demand,...


In this original book, ten key experts explore four main themes: EU-Russia relationship background; energy security and its implications on Russian foreign policy and the European market; implementation of international norms by Russia; and security issues in the Caucasus and Central Asia.


Due to its Soviet legacy, Russia has gained a reputation for having a well-trained population and efficient educational system. The facts on the ground are obviously more ambiguous, however. The veritable 'boom' of higher education and the good results of some well-known universities hide the...

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