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Orbital Slots and Spectrum Use in an Era of Interference Vidéo en marge de la conférence Espace à Bruxelles, 9 octobre 2014

In this video, Michel de ROSEN, Chairman and CEO, Eutelsat, François RANCY, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau and Roberto VIOLA, Deputy Director General, DG Connect, European Commission present the three main parts of the one-day conference jointly organized by Secure World Foundation (SWF) and the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri).

Media broadcasters and satellite operators continue to experience intentional interference on broadcast signals by some actors trying to prevent information to reach the public. In addition, as satellites begin to provide more telecommunication services such as internet access, they must deal with new pressure to control or manage the free flow of information. This session will examine the balance between freedom of information and national sovereignty across both of these issues.

A second area of concern is about existing and potential interference occurring as a result of mobile terrestrial services deploying into the frequencies which have been allocated to and used by the satellite industry. This panel will shed light on issues of sharing and compatibility between terrestrial and space systems using in particular the C-band. It will notably explore the regulatory, economic and industrial ramifications of this issue in the context of the upcoming WRC-15 conference.

Unintentional non-voluntary interference remains the highest contributor to the number of events witnessed by satellite actors today. These are a consequence of the growing occupation and exploitation of the geostationary arc for which accommodation must be found between neighboring satellites and services in order to maintain its full potential. This panel will discuss the consequences of the arrival of new entrants on the so-called “rational” drive for more efficient use of the orbit/spectrum resource.