Publié le 07/09/2016

Thierry de MONTBRIAL, Dominique DAVID, (Eds.)

RAMSES 2017. A Fragmented World, prepared by IFRI’s research team and selected external experts, offers an in-depth and up to date analysis of global geopolitics.

This 35th edition focuses on three key issues: the spread of jihadist terrorism, the Middle East’s disintegration, and doubts about the European project. With the world’s balance of power and economic foundations shifting, the next few months are likely to be decisive for our future. The growing diversity and complexity of our world is startling, which is why it is important to rethink our analyses and means of action.

Thierry de Montbrial, founder and Executive chairman of ifri, presents his views on these pressing issues in RAMES 2017’s opening section, Perspectives.

  • Ifri’s research team has identified three main challenges for 2017 in the second section, Trois enjeux pour 2017

- managing the growing terrorist threat,

- the chaos in the Arab world and the Middle East,

- Europe’s multiple crises.

  • The third section, Le Monde en questions, offers a thorough study of recent conflicts, strategies, and important international negotiations.
  • To complement this research, RAMSES’ last section, Les Repères, comprises a mix of statistics, timelines and maps.

RAMSES 2017 also includes 7 videos [1] featuring Ifri researchers giving a synthesized analysis of the most critical issues in international affairs.