Jeudi 27 Octobre 2016
de 09:30 à 18:00
Débats Conférences
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The conference will work on the assumption that a way to greater pan-European integration goes through cross-border cooperation and synergies that result gradually from such mutually beneficial cooperation. To that end, the Minsk Dialogue expert group will prepare a report with an overview of current academic and policy discussions about pan-European integration processes and ideas on how to move these discussions onto a more pragmatic level. The report will be presented at the conference and guide discussions during the conference sessions.

The event will run in parallel with the high-level official conference on pan-European integration processes co-organised by the Government of Belarus and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, a Eurasian Economic Union Commissioner and other officials will also participate in our Track-II conference.


• To examine ways to advance pan-European integration processes by facilitating crossborder cooperation in various areas of mutual interest (economic growth and business

opportunities, security challenges, and energy infrastructure).

• To discuss conceptual frameworks for advancing pan-European integration.

• To promote informed discussions about pan-European integration processes and challenges in the media.

Please find the agenda attached

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