Publié le 18/09/2017


As Democratic Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) continuous development of non-conventional weapons and challenges of the international community reaches a new level, Republic of Korea (ROK) appears more than ever as the frontline state on which most of North-East Asia security depends.

The northern enemy and the closely monitored de-militarized zone, quite logically stand as the country’s strategic priority. This environment led it to develop of a massive military in order to deter or repel any invasion scheme. Overall, ROK defense policy is still determined by its longstanding alliance with the United States. However, this protection comes at the cost of a high dependence on US technology, thus stalling the development of its flourishing defense industry. Furthermore, ROK’s compulsory military conscription is the subject of much criticism as its hard conditions conflict with the aspirations of the youth. Although military reforms have been planned for years, the looming DPRK threat makes it hardly conceivable for the country to take its attention away and to embrace a defense policy more consistent with South Korean economy and society.


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