Mardi 05 Juin 2018
de 09:00 à 10:30
Une école surpeuplée accueillant des réfugiés sud-soudanais, Bidibidi, Ouganda. Crédits: UNHCR/Isaac Kasamani
Débats Conférences
Ifri Paris

Moderation: Matthieu Tardis, Research Fellow at the Centre for Migration and Citizenship, IFRI

Since 2013, the conflict in South Sudan has forced almost 2.5 million people to flee to its six neighboring countries of the subregion that are themselves prey to tremendous socio-economic challenges. In addition, almost 2 million South Sudanese are displaced within the country. These forced displacement incidents affect more than a third of the total population of South Sudan. As the violence persists in the country, refugees and internally displaced people face a great number of challenges while it remains unlikely for them to return to their homes in the near future. There are concerns that the situation of internally displaced persons, as well as the capacity of humanitarian responses undertaken by different actors, will further deteriorate.

The objective of this conference is to present the UNHCR’s activities in the region, to shed light on the regional challenges and the need for a concerted response to the refugee crisis in South Sudan.

In partnership with the UNHCR Office in Paris




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