Secretary General of the Study Committee on Franco-German Relations (Cerfa)

Research Interests:

  • Germany: domestic policy, foreign policy, Franco-German relations
  • European politics
  • Domestic political debates in European Union member states
  • International relations of the EU
  • Non-proliferation issues and strategic trade control
  • International sanctions


Éric André Martin joined the French institute of international relations - Ifri in 2018 and was appointed Secretary General of Cerfa in March 2020. Coming from the diplomatic service, he contributes to Ifri's research work by analyzing political developments in Germany, Franco-German relations, European debates in member states and major debates on the European Union's foreign policy.

Eric André Martin has developed a solid experience in European issues through his assignments in Germany, Poland, and in the central administration of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs as well as of Economy and Finance. Through his advisory activities for the European Commission and by leading the European consortium in charge of assisting third countries in the field of strategic trade control, he developed expertise on non-proliferation issues, strategic trade control as well as international sanctions. He also contributed to research activites on strategic trade control with international partners, such as SIPRI or the Center for Non proliferation Studies in Monterey. His publications outside Ifri include in particular: "In search of the effectiveness of strategic trade control: the game of the gendarme and the thief", French Yearbook of International Relations, 2017.

Domaines d'expertise