Vendredi 06 Septembre 2019
de 09:30 à 12:15
Le Président Emmanuel Macron et le Premier ministre du Japon, Shinzō Abe, 23 avril 2019
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Ifri Paris

In this context, both Japan and France are making efforts to increase not only their development assistance, but also private investments and security cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Two important players on the African continent, Japan and France are also looking to enhance their bilateral cooperation. The year 2019 provides many opportunities to discuss evolutions on the African continent and rethink the partnership between France and Japan. African countries will be invited to the G7 Summit held in France, and subsequently, the Japan-Africa (TICAD) summit will be held in Yokohama late August.

This conference, co-organized by the Center for Asian Studies and the Africa Studies Center of Ifri, thus aims to discuss French and Japanese cooperation activities in Africa and highlight opportunities and challenges for Japan-France cooperation in Africa, both in the fields of economy and security.

This conference will be held in English.




9:30-10:45 Opportunities and challenges for France-Japan economic cooperation in Africa

Main Questions:
-What are the characteristics of France and Japan’s development cooperation strategies in Africa and are they compatible?
-How do the French and Japanese business communities perceive the African market and how do they invest in it? What synergies exist to facilitate joint projects?
-What is the state of France-Japan business cooperation and what are the main opportunities and challenges ahead?
-What are the roles of TICAD on the Japan-France cooperation in Africa?
-Do Japan and France share the same assessment about African economic challenges and solutions?
-What would be Japanese and French positions vis-à-vis third countries’ activism in Africa?


Chair: Céline PAJON, Research Fellow, Head of Japan research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri

  • Japan’s development cooperation in Africa: new trends and prospects for cooperation with France

Naohiro KITANO, Visiting Fellow, JICA Research Institute

  • French development cooperation in Africa and cooperation with Japan: main features

Sébastien MINOT, Deputy Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, AFD (French Development Agency)

Discussant : Patrice FONLLADOSA, Président, Medef Afrique


10:45-11:00 Coffee break


11:00-12:15 French and Japanese security cooperation in Africa and prospect for bilateral coordination

Main Questions:
-What are the characteristics of Japanese security policy in Africa? What are the main objectives and tools in terms of funding, capacity-building and military participation in international operations?
-What is the state of French engagement in Africa and what are the prospects for future security commitments?
-What is the state of France-Japan security cooperation after the 2015 joint plan for Africa, and in light of their respective Indo-Pacific approaches?
-Under what conditions can Japan-France cooperation advance on the African continent?
-How would France and Japan adjust their contributions vis-à-vis third countries’ activism in Africa?


Chair: Alain ANTIL, Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Program, Ifri

  • What can Japan do in African security? Possibilities of international cooperation

Mika INOUE-HANZAWA, Associate Professor, Toyogakuen University

  • France's security capacity-building activities in Africa and prospects for cooperation with Japan

Aline LEBOEUF, Research Fellow, Center for Security Studies, Ifri

Discussant : Kenichi MATSUI, Deputy Defense Attaché, Embassy of Japan in France